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  • Christina Pickard

Episode 59: Bladder Control

Don’t panic. We haven’t turned The Crush Podcast into an advertisement for adult nappies (aka diapers).

We’re talking about wine transport and how the way wine gets from the winery to your dinner table may not be what you’d imagined.

Plus I’ve got the scoop on Rootstock, Australia’s first ‘Sustainable and Artisan Wine and Food Festival’.

I also have a bit of a rant about soap box winemakers, big guys picking on little guys, ‘straw man’ syndrome, and the often uneven journalism surrounding the ‘natural wine’ category in the wine press. (Thanks for indulging me.)

And Whitney and I are faced with some tough food and wine pairings. Ever wondered what wine pairs with Oreos?

Finally, does red Riesling exist? Our answer in the show may or may not be correct…!

Listen to the latest episode and catch up on previous ones on The Crush website or download for free from Itunes!

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