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Wine au Naturel episode 1: An interview with Mondovino’s Jonathan Nossiter

Your ears just got a present.  Now not only do you get one wine podcast from Wine with Christina (aka me), you get TWO!

For those of you who don’t know, I am doing the website and the social media for the enormously exciting Real Wine Fair, taking place the 20th-22nd May in London.  It’s been taking up heaps of my time (hence why I’ve rather neglected my poor little website), but is a great honour to be part of such a groundbreaking event and to promote artisan wines and food, two of my greatest passions.  Visit the website to find out more info and to book tickets if you want to join us at the wine and food festival of the year (and I’m not just saying that cuz I’m working on it…).  The most exciting part for me has been interviewing so many super stars of natural wine.  Most of them are such characters–in love with their jobs and with life–and they all have interesting stories to tell. I think it’s about time they were heard.  So without further ado, I give you the launch of the first ever Natural Wine Podcast, ‘Wine Au Naturel’, premiering on the Real Wine Fair’s blog.

Below you’ll find what I’ve posted there.  You can have a listen to the show right here or subscribe for free on Itunes and get each new show automatically downloaded straight to your computer or smart phone.  The joys of technology.

Wine au Naturel

Welcome to the first ever (to my knowledge) natural wine podcast!

It may come as a surprise to some (although if you’re visiting this site it’s probably not new to you), but there is a very long list of legal chemicals that are allowed to be added to wines, but do not need to be stated anywhere on the bottle.

As more and more people wake up to this very unnatural practice they are discovering an ever growing group of winemakers around the world making what’s been coined as Natural Wines. This is the only podcast devoted solely to those winemakers, who interfere with their wines as little as possible in the vineyards by farming their land organically and often biodynamically to ensure it will be there for generations to come. Additionally, these winemakers work with a ‘minimal intervention’ policy the winery, and adding virtually no chemicals to the wine, including little to no sulphur.

This way of working is not easy, and requires an exceptionally determined and passionate winemaker.  When in the right hands, the results can yield beautifully pure wines like none other, which express the environment in which they were grown.

Through a series of interviews with some of the world’s top natural winemakers, as well as many of their biggest supporters around the world, I aim to tell the ever-evolving story of natural wines, in the hope that wine can be given as much thought as food with respect to its environment and our health, and so that, by meeting the often colourful characters behind the wines, every glass can be enjoyed that much more.

Episode 1: An interview with Mondovino’s Jonathan Nossiter

My first interview is with American-Brazilian filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter, who minces no words when chatting with me about the state of the wine industry today. He also reveals his inspiration for making the world famous (and often controversial) wine documentary, Mondovino, and tells us what to expect from the British premiere of the extended version, Mondovino: The Series.

You can watch the whole series of Mondovino at the Real Wine Fair on 20th-22nd May and have a chance to talk with Jonathan in person afterwards.  For more details, go HERE.

Subscribe to Wine au Naturel for free on Itunes and get the latest shows automatically downloaded straight to your computer or smart phone.

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