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  • Christina Pickard

The Great Central New York Milk Tasting

Recently my father, inspired by our spectacular blind tasting of premium wines at the home of our family friends (see previous blog), decided to put my taste buds to the test with the fluid he knows best–milk.  My father has been an avid milk drinker since he was a kid, and although I am NOT a fan of the stuff, and I’m even a little lactose intolerant, I agreed to sacrifice the health of my digestive system and go along with his master plan.  And he went all out, in his charming ‘dad’ way.  He compiled pages of his own tastings notes, as well as write ups and fun facts on the milks themselves (you have to know my Dad).  This is the video of the results.  *Note: this tasting is NOT to be taken too seriously!*

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