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  • Christina Pickard

So what IS The Crush?

Have you ever wished that in those unfortunate moments of the day when drinking a glass of wine is not socially acceptable (ex: on the train to work, taking out the rubbish, or going for your morning jog), you could instead learn many interesting and exciting facts about wine while also being entertained by two sprightly American gals?

Well, fret no longer.  Let me introduce you to The Crush.

It’s wine talk. Unfiltered.  It’s what those in the know call a podcast, which basically means an online talk radio show.  And it’s co-hosted by yours truly.  Each week I chat with my best friend Whitney, a sommelier living in Los Angeles, about all things vinous; and some things not so vinous like cocktails, food and which milk is best for Oreo dunking.  You know, the important things in life.  What we do NOT talk about are boring tasting notes, vintages, and soil compositions.  Listening to The Crush is a fabulous way to distract you from the day’s most mundane activities while also learning some golden nuggets of wine info.  We’ll have you sounding like a wine geek in no time.

Our latest show

So how to do you listen to The Crush?  Well, there are are few ways.

Way 1:  Go to our website, Homefries, and listen straight from there on a player like the one above or download the show straight from the website (while you’re there, check out our podcast buddies, Joy the Baker, Simple Mom, and The Table Set).

Way 2:  Go to Itunes and subscribe for free.  That way, every new podcast automatically gets downloaded onto your computer or smart phone, omitting the need to keep checking back, and ensuring you never miss a show!

One tiny teensy thing we ask you to do in exchange for us entertaining your ears for approximately 45 minutes a week:  If you like The Crush, please tell the world!  Comment and/or rate us on our Itunes page, send us a question on Homefries (and we’ll try to answer it on air), or send us care packages full of homemade goodies.  Any or all of the above will suffice.

Wine is a treat for your eyes, nose, and mouth.  Now, let your ears join in the fun.  Listen to The Crush!  Thankyouverymuch.

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