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  • Christina Pickard

Presenting with the Portuguese

After copious amounts of drinking and eating in both the Douro Valley and the city of Porto, I eventually had to do some work.  On my last day in Porto I presented in a series of short web videos for the IVDP aka the Port Institute.  I thought I’d let you in on a little behind-the-scenes action to give you an idea of what presenting is really like.

There are lots of laughs.  I don’t know what it is about film crews, but even in Portugal, the film guys are cool.

‘Could you try NOT squinting?’  ‘Um, I think that’s physically impossible.’  

(I suspect I make this face a lot.  It also means, ‘You want me to do what?!’ or ‘Can you pronounce that strange Portuguese word you want me to say just one more time please?’)

‘OK here goes.’

It’s a bit like school.  Frantically cramming as much info into your brain in order to regurgitate it and then promptly forget it.

Many thanks to Tamara Stanfiill for the pictures, and to Paulo Pinto for the opportunity to present for the IVDP.  I really did enjoy myself, promise!

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