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Finger Lakes wines come to Britain!

This is an article I recently wrote for Decanter News.  It’s a subject near and dear to me as the Finger Lakes is my home region.  There are some lovely wines made there that have never seen the light of day in Britain.  So I’m pleased as punch to be the one to make the announcement on Decanter!

The largest-ever list of wines from the Finger Lakes region of New York state is being imported into the UK.

Finger lakes

Lamoreaux Landing, Finger Lakes

Importer Wine Equals Friends is listing eight wineries from Finger Lakes, as well as six Long Island producers – the most New York state wines ever available in the UK.

The state has been commercially producing wine since the 1800s, and with 300 wineries, most of which have opened in the last decade, it is the third-largest wine producing state in the US, after California and Washington and before Oregon.

‘While there have been premium Finger Lakes wines [imported into the UK] in the distant past, this is by far the most comprehensive look at what the region has to offer,’ said Susan Spence, vice president of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.

Wines from Red Newt Cellars, Fox Run, Lamoreaux Landing, Hermann J Wiemer, Lakewood Vineyards, Sheldrake Point, Red Tail Ridge and Dr Konstantin Frank will be all be imported.

‘These wineries represent some of the best producers coming out of the Finger Lakes at the moment…all of our wines prove that this previously little known region is capable of making world class wines,’ said Wine Equals Friends founder, Sue Chambers.

The Finger Lakes, a region in central New York state about five hours north of New York City and named after its series of deep, long and thin lakes, is known for producing cool climate varieties like Gewürztraminer, Cabernet Franc, and particularly Riesling, as well as some sparkling and ice wine.

‘It’s like finding California thirty years ago,’ said Chambers.

UK restaurants listing Finger Lakes wines include Chez Bruce, Hotel du vin Bristol and Hotel TerraVina. Retail prices are from £8.99, with most between £12 and £25.

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