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  • Christina Pickard

Episode 61: The Middle Men

Here it is folks. Episode 61 comin’ at ya.

Whitney has just returned from a trip to New Orleans, the lucky b*tch, and she’s making everyone hungry and thirsty with her tales of true Southern American soul food and drink. And I have a question: why do fried-green tomatoes taste so much better in the south, huh?!

Plus the Crush’s old pal Carmen Grape-iago has hit the wine road once again. This time she’s in a place where comething called “renosterbos” covers the mountain slopes. Play along and guess where she could be.

And everyone likes a courtroom drama. Now the wine world has got its own. Find out who’s suing who and why I’m in sticker shock over one wine writer’s crazy salary…

Finally, Whitey has a chat with an importer cutting out the middle men, and in turn cutting your cost for a bottle of wine. She also subjects him to The Crush Quickfire. Poor guy.

Ears at the ready!

Listen to the latest episode and catch up on previous ones on The Crush website or download for free from Itunes!

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