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  • Christina Pickard

Episode 45: Beers and Burps

Learning about wine is great. Almost as nice as drinking it. But sometimes, particularly on hot summer days like these, we ladies at the Crush just want a cold beer. And considering that beer is the most widely drunk alcoholic beverage in the world, we thought it deserved a bit of our time. Like a whole episode’s worth.

That’s right, Whitney and I are taking a detour from the wine trail this week and talking all things BEER.

So if you’ve ever wondered how beer is made, what differentiates an ale from a lager, and what the heck a ‘Gueuze’ is, your ears have come to the right place.

Plus, we chat with someone who is not a beer sommelier (although you can become one and we’ll tell you what you’d be called) or an expert, but entertaining nonetheless. He also may or may not be related to me.

And finally, we reveal the naked truth about beer bellies.

Listen to the latest episode and catch up on previous ones on The Crush website or download for free from Itunes!

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