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  • Christina Pickard

Episode 44: The Price is Right?

This week on The Crush we’ve got an extra special episode comin’ at ya.  It’s all about money. money. money. For it is apparently what makes the world go round. And like it or not, it’s a big factor in determining what we put in our glass.

So Whitney and I are breaking down why wine costs what it does, from the people who make it to those who ship it, distribute it and sell it.

Plus why moving from one price range to a slightly higher one when buying wine can significantly increase value for money.

Whitney has a super informative chat with a Californian winemaker and vine nursery manager who gives us the scoop on wine costs from an insider’s perspective.

Finally, we reveal the most expensive wine on the market, and also how much cash one 23-year-old dropped on a night out in Liverpool…on a really lame bottle.

Listen to the latest episode and catch up on previous ones on The Crush website or download for free from Itunes!

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