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  • Christina Pickard

Episode 40: Voodoo Vines and Summer Wines

The Crush is officially ‘over the hill’ (yet still young at heart).  This week Whitney and I celebrate the beginning of summer by chatting about what we’ll be cracking open poolside (or more realistically here in Britain-at home with our jumpers on).

I give you an idea of what it felt like to be part of the Real Wine Fair (hint: very good).  Here’s one of the tables at our 350-strong dinner. Heaven.

Plus Italian wine expert Jeremy Parzen reveals his summertime house wine. And it’s not Italian.

And Oregon author Katherine Cole gives Whitney the lowdown on Biodynamics, including how the heck you pronounce ‘Demeter‘, and what’s with those cow horns and moon cycles.

Check out Katherine’s book:

Listen to the latest episode and catch up on previous ones on The Crush website or download for free from Itunes!

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