• Christina Pickard

Episode 39: Gateway Wine

This week on The Crush, Whitney and I are celebrating our moms (in honour of American Mother’s Day) and their wine quirks!  We talk about how we guided our mothers into more adventurous wine territory–mine beyond oaky California Chardonnays and Whitney’s beyond vodka cranberries.

wine with christina

 Whitney and I also discuss whether wine that you drink with the winemaker tastes differently when you get it back home.

Plus, Hollywood is getting hip to the wine game. Find out which celebs are steaming up the silver screen’s latest wine adventure.

Hint, it may be this guy:

wine with christina

And we put this hysterical wine expert in the Quickfire hotseat:

wine with christina

On our press trip to Croatia...

Finally, you too could taste wine like an expert!  We’ll will tell you how.

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