• Christina Pickard

Episode 37: Wine Battle!

Dang!  This a good’un.  Really, it is.

wine with christina

Firstly, we’re talking about why I died and went to gin heaven, some of the gins I’m drinking lately, and how Whitney and I differ in our gin-drinking tastes.

wine with christina

a homemade gin martini..what I drank all last summer

Then there’s The Wine Battle of Haro.  ‘What is that?’,  you ask.  It could be a new Russell Crowe movie…or it could be a crazy Spanish wine festival.  We’ll let you decide.

Plus we’ve got an extremely interesting wine region for you this week.  All clues are given in audio form, including ‘Hakuna Matata’ in the language of this country.  And Whitney has a go at speaking Zulu (either that or she’s calling a horse from the paddock, I’m still not sure which).

wine with christina

And speaking of pronunciations, Whitney’s pal Stetson puts a stop to our language-butchering by teaching us how to pronounce words like szőlő, Villány and Szekszárd.

Finally, and most importantly, we dish our Top Tips…for drinking alone.  And Whitney and I wonder whether carrying a hip flask of our own wine would be deemed appropriate at mediocre wine tastings.

wine with christina

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