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  • Christina Pickard

Cue the Wine Geeks

Have you ever wondered what a bunch of wine industry folks talk about when they get together for drinks?  No, I’m sure you haven’t.  But just in case you have a burning desire to know, I’ll tell you.  We talk about wine, what else?!  Well, not always, but when these four wine geeks came together after the Boutique Wineries Tasting, conversation turned to that fermented grape juice we all love so much.  The topic?  A rather heated discussion over whether, should we be unfortunate enough to be stranded on a desert island, we would choose Italian or French wines as our last tipples?  What would you choose??

For a thoroughly enjoyable Tuesday evening, I am grateful to Joe Gilmour, Manager of Roberson Wine, Emily O’hare, sommelier at the River Cafe, and Guillermo Crespo, cameraman extraordinaire and importer of Chilean wines.

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